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Reviews and articles about Patrice's projects ...

Michael Lorenzini and Patrice Miller at Art For Progress. Photo by Katrina Lovett.

Performance Art and Design - How Spectacular!

Local wine and even a wine sorbet were big hits as The Cultures of Rhythms filled the night with jazz, inspiring even a bit of improv performance art from dancer Patrice Miller ...'s Nicole B. Brewer

... Here are five of the year's contributors of illuminating wonder ... ''Place Matters,'' directed by Jawole Willa Jo Zollar, combined movement, music and the spoken word to evoke that horror shockingly but with flashes of poignant, gutsy humor ... Jennifer Dunning of the New York Times. December 24, 2006.

Nancy Bannon's The Pod Project press:

The Whole Audience Sits in One Chair, the Cast in the Other

'Because it's a performance and there's this charged atmosphere, everybody's paying attention and finding meaning,' Ms. Bannon said. Referring to workshop performances, she continued, 'People come out and tell me, I saw she was blinking, and I think that she meant that for me.' At a recent rehearsal I sat next to a man wearing a ski suit who completely ignored me during what was supposed to be a ride up a mountain on a ski lift. I became acutely aware of his movements so that every scratch of his face or rustle of his pants seemed to convey some hidden meaning ... Mark Blankship of the New York Times. January 28, 2007.

The body is a sacred garment. - Martha Graham