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As a teacher and choreographer, Patrice offers the following services for you, your school, studio, company ... :

* All classes are available as workshops, and all workshops as classes in a series, or in semester or school-year long periods. Prices vary on supplies, number of students, time and situation. *

Destress Dance:
This 90 minute class utilizes the art of modern dance to relax the body and mind, seeking through gentle floor work and expressive technique to destress the self. Through mind and body centering work, we will work to release muscle and joint tension, enabling the body to move in its fullest ranges of motion. This class is an open-level class and is appropriate for dancers, actors, musicians, students of yoga, and anybody who wants to feel just that much better. 

Movement and Narrative Workshop:
An experimental workshop designed for all performers - actors, dancers, musicians, and others, built to explore the use of movement and the body in storytelling and the bending of blending of movement with other art mediums. Where does movement end and dance begin? How can dance in its traditional and nontraditional definitions function in text or song based narrative? How do we use our bodies as mediums of storytelling? These questions and more (always) more explored in a workshop structured with exercises involving exploring performance text with built in movement sequences (Shakespeare to musical theater to the avant garde), improvisation to live music in both the performance and narrative veins, including singing sections, and dance exercises demanding text and musical acts from the performer. Ending in a collaborative piece involving those attending and a discussion wrap up. 
So you want to study dance ... Workshop:
A special workshop for high school students who are interested in studying dance in a university setting.  Inspired by Patrice's own rather crazy and anxiety-producing experience as a student the workshop provides the following:
+ A "typical" mock audition class in ballet and modern
+ Discussion on your audition solos and the prospect of improvising
+ Resume building and headshot discussion, geared specifically for college audition purposes
+ Exploring what a typical dance degree consists of - curriculum, production work; the difference in degrees (B.A. vs BFA); and the difference in programs.
+ Exploring other interests: discussion of second majors and minors and why it works for some people (with references to Pearl Primus, Katherine Dunham and others). Also how to keep dancing if you choose not to be a dance major.
+ Looking to the future: discussing careers that a degree in dance can lead to, when to start down the career path (and how to find that career path).  
Those who attend will take home a packet with various points of discussion a number of references including universities with dance programs, a listing of college prep programs and intensives and a list of contacts.

Theater Master Class:
Explore the genre of dance that operates in conjuction with text, song and plot in a larger body of work.  Class begins with a holistic warm up - looking to stretch all major muscle groups and familiarize students with the concepts of isolations as well as the use of their bodies.  Across the floor work follows, allowing students to understand the concept of "moving through space".  A combination completes the class as the students learn a dance created for a show - students will not only learn the combination, but its function in a larger piece of art, exploring dance as a tool of characterization, plot, as well as a communication tool that reveals emotion and intent.
Lyrical Master Class:
Appropriate for students with jazz, ballet and/or modern technique, lyrical dance explores the emotional communication through dance.  Class begins with a warm up that is ballet and modern based and progresses to a combination that utilizes the students' demonstrated abilities and technique to create a piece truly their own.  During the construction of the piece, the students are involved in a dialogue that concerns body language, and concepts of emotional memory, theme and intention in dance and emotional focus.
Theater Repertory Master Class:
Class follows same format as theater class, but the combination(s) learned are from Patrice's repertory - one varied in level, technique, and style. A fun master class for those students or studios looking to explore theater dance, and perfect for performing arts groups looking to incorporate dance into their work.  Also, a great way to "audition" Patrice's work for your next project.
Modern Workshop:
A class in modern dance drawing from various styles and disciplines, ultimately combining for contemporary technique.  The class begins with a warm up that focuses on finding and utilizing the center, including some Pilates work, and that focuses the dancer on finding their own workings - that is, understanding how the individual body moves.  Across the floor explores the use of space, motion and formation, allowing the dancers to put into practice what they have learned from the warm up.  The combination then is a piece workshopped with the dancers, done as a dialogue between choreographer and dancer, allowing the dancers to truly take ownership of the piece.  Discussion in workshopping the piece varies from theme and intention to incorporating political messages to the use of spoken word in dance.

Audition pieces, Solos, etc:
Auditioning for that intensive? For that university? Have a showcase or competition coming up? Patrice's unique ability to read the dancer's body helps create works that are unique to the dancer: they do not demand hardship of the body but challenge it in a healthy way that displays a power particular to each dancer.  Discussion before and during the process are the foundation to finding the movement that you own completely.
Patrice also has experience in the studio teaching students aged 4-18 years in the following techniques: ballet, jazz (varying), lyrical, theater, creative movement.

Patrice Miller*New York, NY*212.744.8485

The body is a sacred garment. - Martha Graham