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British Literature 19th century through Modernism; Shakespeare; American literature late 18th century through post-modernism; Western classics and progression of western thought; Creative Writing; Philosophy

Recent Publications :

"Tea and Numbers". Underground Voices. April, 2005.

"Paradise Lost". Colours of the Heart. Noble House Press. January, 2004.

"Midnight Chords". Blank Page Press. November, 2004.

"Tea". Blank Page Press. November, 2004.

"This Town". Blank Page Press. November, 2004.

Artist bio:
Patrice is a young poet and choreographer still feeling for her roots and enjoying every inch of discovery. She grew up in suburban Long Island and migrated to New York City to work, work work. Patrice currently is studying creative writing and dance on scholarship at Hunter College. She likes to think that she read too much as a child and blames T.S. Eliot for showing her the light (and dark) and Pearl Primus for showing her how to bend it. Patrice is an explorer, and can often be caught climbing Central Park's rocks. She hopes to someday run an multi/inter-disciplinary arts company so that she and others may forever dare. ...riverrun ...


Cafeteria Consciousness

Blue ink shattered

across violet skin

oh and didnt you

say it had always been

this way before us

now and always in front

with buckled knees

and sun drenched skin

I yearn to fly off this

crumbling window ledge

into the sky of seas and

bees and wings and things

didnt you always say it

would be this way

dreaming and waking
waking and dreaming
you said 'i love you'
somewhere inbetween
and inbetween
my scars healed for
just a moment
and inbetween
you said 'i love you'
and i exhaled
the stale air
of dead sleep --but
before i could reply
you awoke
and i inhaled new pins
and needles
numbness of the life
after dreams
and inbetween
the two
lies the better
part of us.


Patrice Miller * New York, NY * (212) 744-8485

The body is a sacred garment. - Martha Graham