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Patrice Miller
Choreographer - Theatre Artist - Writer - Educator


Upcoming Performances:

+ March 22-31; The Newspaper Suites, First Movement goes up - a site specific piece on Hunter College, 68th Street stop on the 6-line, New York.

+ March 29-31; Hunter College Dance Company at the Kaye Playhouse. 68th and Lexington, New York. 8pm/

+ April 14; Works in Progress @ DNA, dancing for Lymarie Perez. 5:30pm.

+ April 14; Fieldday, Abron Arts Center, New York. A works-in-progress collaboration.

+ May 2-5; The Newspaper Suites, First Movement - again! Site specific on Hunter College. See above.

+ May 2-5; the Hunter College Dance Company's May show. dancing for Lymarie Perez and some collaborations. Hunter College, 68th and Lexington Ave, New York.

+ May 19; Dance Parade. Begins at the Empire State Building, ends in Washington Square Park with a dance fest!!
  A Long Island native, Patrice choreographed and performed in community, high school and regional theater and ballet before moving to New York city.  Since moving to the Big Apple Patrice has been pursuing her interdisciplinary degree in Dance, English and Cultural Anthropology studies on scholarship at Hunter College while working in the vast theater and dance world -- making her NYC debut in September 2004 with "Murder By Music" (*Equity!), and since aiming to keep working steadily and radiantly!  She is currently earning her administrative and tech badges working for the wonderful Artichoke Dance Company.

Patrice @ the NYC Marathon, 2004

  Patrice's career is as varied as her proposed thesis. She has found herself a niche in the children's theater world, choreographing and directing youth theater and teaching dance and movement to children and teenagers throughout Long Island, Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn.  She has been fortunate enough to work alongside gifted, progressive educators and from this work has been able to formulate a unique pedagogy for a constructive educational environment.
  As an artist outside of the classroom, Patrice's work has taken some incredible turns, and continues to do so.  In particular, Patrice's work in the musical theater, theater and dance worlds has become increasingly focused on political and social work (without so much verbiage) with a particular interest in using the past to examine our present selves. Having grown up in musical theater, collaboration is a frequently used tool of Patrice's, as she works to bring about new pieces not only with other movement artists but also with artists of other genres, most prominently music, spoken word and fine art.
  Patrice's experiences in the classroom and studio have recently led her to a new path of teaching. Her work in the studio now seeks to explore the use of the dance as a means of both physical and emotional comfort and recovery. Her technique in the studio is based largely on postmodern technique combined with various philosophies of meditation, and various movement systems.  
  As a writer, Patrice has had her work published in various independent publications. Occasionally she bounces around the city reading, sometimes daring to show her face at open mics. She is submitting work and currently on the hunt for a decent chapbook publisher! That's all on another page.
Patrice is always looking for artists to collaborate with and projects to do - drop her a line!

Patrice Miller * Brooklyn, NY * 516.859.3326

The body is a sacred garment. - Martha Graham